• Peruvian Myth                        Made Art

    Peruvian Myth Made Art

    Hand Woven Peruvian Tapestries by Maximo Laura

  • Luxury Meets Tradition

    Luxury Meets Tradition

    Hand Woven Peruvian Tapestries by Maximo Laura

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Hand Woven Alpaca Tapestries by Maximo Laura

Peru´s “Living Human Treasure” and Award Winning Textile Artist 


Hand/Eye Magazine

Maximo Laura was recently designated as one of Peru’s Living Treasures. This important award is given, following UNESCO guidelines, to an artist whose role is to preserve and elevate the culture of their homeland.

Mario Chinotti (Italy)


To find humanized tapestry is an event! I feel something alive and throbbing when I look at one of Maximo Laura’s pieces. Colors polarize the atmosphere and create a nostalgic reminiscence of Andean myths.